Farmers, workers, their families,and allies


Peacefully farmers agitation (protesting) + facing police brutality and human rights violations.


In all India, specifically on borders of the Capital city Delhi


For many months now, but on outskirts of Delhi since November 26, 2020


Indian Government passed three farm bills undemocratically for benefit of private Corporations at cost of farmers and citizens

What can you Do !

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MSP लाओ किसान बचाओ ||

What do they want !

The protesters are challenging Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his efforts to reshape farming in India.

The demonstrators are demanding that Mr. Modi repeal recent farming laws that would minimize the government’s role in agriculture and open more space for private investors. The government says the new laws would unshackle farmers and private investment, bringing growth. But farmers are skeptical, fearing that the removal of state protections that they already consider insufficient would leave them at the mercy of greedy corporations.

Government support for farmers, which included guaranteed minimum prices for certain essential crops, helped India move past the hunger crisis of the 1960s. But with India liberalizing its economy in recent decades, Mr. Modi — who wants the country’s economy to nearly double by 2024 — sees such a large role for the government as no longer sustainable.

Farmers, however, contend that they are struggling even with the existing protections. They say that market-friendly laws will eventually eliminate regulatory support and leave them bereft, with the weakened economy offering little chance of a different livelihood.

Farmers Protest and Farm Laws Explained

Problem With The Protest

Before 26 November,2021 farmers were continuously blocked and harassed after protesting locally for months, the farm union leaders made a call to travel to delhi. Farmers from state of punjab set out on their tractors and trolleys to protest at their national capitol. They were met with water cannons, barricades and beatings by the police along the way and not allowed to enter delhi.

Government used many opportunities to label protestors as terrorists Over time, farmers from all states travelled to delhi and the protest is now represented by farmers and workers from all states. However, the government sponsored national media used every opportunity to say protesters are only from the state of punjab and these are sikhs (a religious minority) who want a separate state from india. This was done to discredit the protests and to justify violence against protestors.

Farmers protest Explained

The government has committed many human rights violations In the past two weeks especially, the government has jailed innocent protestors,farmers, journalists, activists, and even unassuming citizens. The indian government shut off internet, fresh water access, and bathroom access at protest sites -to name a few violations.

PM Narendra Modi repeals controversial farm laws - A chronology of farmers protest


India's economy and citizens are heavily dependent on farming to survive. The agriculture industry desperately needs reform, but these bills are not the answer. India has been privatizing industry after industry in the past 6 Years under PM modi's term, without first placing the correct Infrastructures to allow competition to thrive. They are essentially allowing a few wealthy men to benefit at the cost of indian citizens.

Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani, friends of the pm who Benefit from his pro-corporate agenda, have increased their wealth, by 25% and 100% (doubled) respectively, in just the past year while the rest of the Indian economy suffers. Inequality in India is increasing at alarming rates. Unemployment was at a high even before COVID.

The world has to pressure India. India is the largest democracy and a global economic player. We cannot allow the current pm of India to sell it off to a few wealthy men.

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