Farmers Protest Still Strong

Farmers are demanding the repeal of three controversial laws

The tug of war between the Centre and the Farm unions continues over the three contentious Farm laws. With fresh clashes in Karnal on 27 August, the protesters are looking to up the ante against the Haryana Government and the Centre.

Thousands of farmers in India protest against the Centre's new agriculture laws passed by the Indian Parliament in 2020. Some farmer unions called these acts as "anti-farmer laws" while opposition parties say it would leave farmers at the "mercy of corporates."

After the law was passed, farmers unions commenced holding local protests, mainly in the states of Punjab and Haryana. After protesting for two months, farmers from various states began a movement called ‘Dilli Chalo’ for which thousands of farmers marched towards the national capital.

Police and law enforcement used various means such as water cannons and tear gas to prevent the farmers from entering Delhi. On November 26, a nationwide strike that involved nearly 250 million people took place in support of the farmers.

The farmers want state authorities to repeal controversial farm legislation.

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