What are the Demands of Farmers?

Their pending demands include surety on Minimum Support Price, withdrawal of the draft Electricity Amendments Bill, 2020/2021, withdrawal of criminal cases against farmers and compensation for the families of farmers who died during the year-long protest

Since the beginning of the Farmers agitation, farmers demanded the repeal of farm laws along with a law on MSP guarantee. In fact, MSP law has been a demand since Swaminathan comission report came out 17 years back. Govt. can't run away frm MSP to farmers.

All the Demands of Farmers should be met.

  • ~ Legalized MSP
  • ~ Police cases against farmers
  • ~ Justice for Lakhimpur Kheri Victims
  • ~ C2+50% MSP

Farmers are demanding : More guaranteed prices for crops, more supply of free electricity, more subsidies for disposing stubble so there are many demands are pending before ending Kisan Morcha.

-Raise public investment in agriculture
-Increase subsidy support to farmers
-MSP 50% above cost of production
Raised farm incomes substantially would have been possible if govt had instituted sharp course correction in agricultural policy

MSP: Minimum Support Price is Farmers right.
Enough of the baseless committees to decide whether MSP should be given or not! MSP at (C2+50%) price is the rightful due of Farmers & they should get it as soon as possible.
No more committees, Farmers want MSP law.

Ajay Mishra should be sacked and arrested for his role in Lakhimpur massacre. It is a blot on democracy to allow the prime conspirator of a massacre to continue in the cabinet. "Justice delayed is justice denied"

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Modi promised his government will rework the formula to fix the MSP for crops like rice and wheat with a 50% mark-up for profit after input costs. It hasn’t happened.

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