Punjab needs a Comprehensive crop diversification plan

Crop diversification has long been advocated for sustaining agricultural production and water resources. It was initially suggested to shift 10 lakh hectares from paddy to maize, the figure later revised to 17 lakh hectares as per estimates made by scientists of Punjab Agricultural University.

However, it is easier said than done. The general concept of replacing area under paddy with maize has no takers due to its availability from other states at sufficiently lower prices than the minimum support price. Also, the requirement of maize is only 0.5-1 million tonnes for its domestic consumption. We need to find a suitable and equally profitable alternative crop to replace spring maize. Further, the area under wheat also needs to be diverted to oilseeds, pulses or other crops. This is one of the major issues your upcoming politicians should be focusing on. Ask them questions and hold them accountable! MSP is a major hurdle in making this happen.

Punjab needs a comprehensive crop diversification plan at the micro level, involving a block or a cluster of blocks with similar conditions. The plan should be based on water availability, niche crops and marketing facilities in that geographical unit. The plan must be spread over 5-10 years for its implementation, prioritising the areas to be brought under it each year on the basis of severity of water scarcity. This is expected to be a win-win situation for conserving our natural resources as well as sustaining farmers' income.


Crop diversification will be only be possible unless farmers get MSP on all Crops. But the central Govt We can expect nothing, as they are a failure at all points

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