How can the government provide legal guarantee for MSP?

Primarily, there are two ways that the government can provide legal guarantee for MSP, both with severe economic repercussions.
Firstly, the government can declare MSP as the baseline price for the 23 crops in the market. It’ll be a mandate for private players to pay MSP rates, which may lead to price rise.
Secondly, the government itself can buy all 23 crops at MSP. Currently, multiple government agencies such as the Food Corporation of India (FCI), National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED) and Cotton Corporation of India (CCI), among others, procure large quantities of wheat, paddy or rice, pulses and cotton at MSP from farmers to provide price support, especially in case of a glut when market prices fall below MSP.

Without MSP Farmers will not be able to survive, most Farmers throw their crops away when they are offered 1 Rs per kilo. At least with MSP C2+50% they will have MSP to give them the bare minimum

As of December 2021, the farmers' Demands include:

Farmers Demands List

  1. Make minimum support price (MSP) and state procurement of crops a legal right..
  2. Assurances that conventional procurement system will remain.
  3. Implement Swaminathan Panel Report and peg MSP at least 50% more than weighted average cost of production.
  4. Cut diesel prices for agricultural use by 50%..
  5. Centre should not interfere in state subjects, decentralization in practice.
  6. Due to the Government's carelessness and cruelty, over 700 farmers have died, and many families have lost their principal source of income. These families must be compensated asap.

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